United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
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"To achieve political credence as a collective force representing the lower and middle classes of society in politics through peaceful means and exercising our political right to demonstrate, contact legislation and vote."


"To give the unemployed, underemployed and under-served a place to organize as one united force.  To support the frustration and anger this population is feeling over our current political system and Representatives.  Thus, fostering positive, legal and peaceful change in our country and thus the world."


Anger is a common emotion resulting from the  many wrongs our society is currently suffering.  Fostered, anger can be an instrument of great change through passionate, constructive measures.  Integrity is the underlying principle and value of U.A.V. and through joining together and sharing ideas we can effect change over our circumstances.


*  Group expansion by reaching out to all members of this population through networking, groups, word of mouth and ultimately media.

*  Educate our members regarding the political system: Contacting their Representatives, Peaceful                 
   demonstrations and marches, Petitions, Voting.

*  Establish a voice for the lower and middle classes.

*  Effect change over policies and laws affecting the lower and middle classes.