United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
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Post Information for Newly unemployed all through Tiers IV.  For example:
UPDATE: The unemployment extention that was passed in Dec of 2010 will expire Jan 2012
   No matter what tier you are on at that point you will not move on to a new tier.  Those just
   becoming unemployed as of the end of july 2011 will not receive any extentions unless a NEW
   unemployment extention is passed

(1)  The last bill to pass, expires in November, just after the upcoming elections!
(2)  If your phase of benefits (first 26 weeks, or subsequent tiers) expire after this date in November... in most if not all states you will be forced to wait on the next level of legislation to pass along with everyone else.  You are not guaranteed passage into the next tier.
(3)  If your state's unemployment rate is lower than 8.5% you are basically with the 99er's... in other words your state will not approve funding past Tier III.
There is a topic just for venting under the General (listed under Categories) if you want to just get the frustration out. Post information to help 99er's here related to Legislation, Updates, Resources, and Articles.
This subject is for anybody needing to just vent, gripe, complain, (etc.) about being unemployed, underemployed, under-served, (etc.).
First Post! 07/31/2010
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