United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
If you are in Illinois or you want to work with local residents to organize demonstrations near you, you can discuss that here!  Use this thread to discuss local demonstrations, campaigns, and marches.  Also keep in mind there is a DC March planned (See DC March post) on 10/2/2010 that would be great to coincide with for a greater message!

Anyone near Normal Illinois... Per link provided below there is a "Fight Washington Corruption Potluck" being held Wednesday, August 11th, 5:30 PM at Anderson Park, College & Maple Ste. For more info, map, and/or to sign up you can go to http://pol.moveon.org/event/events/event.html?event_id=105780


September 15th we're taking action in Chicago. We're on facebook at Chicago JWJ and Chicago JWJ Unemployed Workers Council. JWJ has chapters in many states and are calling a national day of action for JOBS NOW!!! Contact us at siobhanhkolar@gmail.com for more info or send questions etc. at our website. We want to work with you for JOBS NOW!!


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