United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
If you are in California or you want to work with local residents to organize demonstrations near you, you can discuss that here!  Use this thread to discuss local demonstrations, campaigns, and marches.  Also keep in mind there is a DC March planned (See DC March post) on 10/2/2010 that would be great to coincide with for a greater message!

We at UWAG.org plan to carry out some protests/ rallies in local areas in August and since I'm in L.A. would love to work with someone to help make this happen in Los Angeles soon!

You can contact me via our web site's Contact page at UWAG.org

Cris Molinari

I am in Woodland Hills.
I am working with Addecco, trying to get a job. Depending on how/when/if that happens, I will be available any day or just weekends.



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