United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
Organizing Blog
This Blog's Intent is to bring people together at the state level for a couple purposes:

(1)  Organizing ~ Planning Demonstrations, Marches, Campaigns).  
(2)  Assistance ~ Bringing people together to assist one another.  Such as, carpooling to vote (primaries or general election), to an organized event (See #1), or so on.
(3)  Support ~  Finding others going through similar circumstances close to you.  Enhances the ability to communicate with each other for resources, etc.

>>>If you wish to have periodic Newsletters (not more than weekly unless pressing information)... please go to Contact Us and fill out the form with your email address.  Information regarding planned Demonstrations, Marches or Campaigns for which we hear about will be included in these.

Locating Your Topic

States are separated locally by first letter.  All states (and DC) are listed to the right of the page under categories, by the States FIRST letter.  Washington DC  has it's own category.

Replying or Leaving Comments
Once you find your state, you can click on the State Link and leave a comment, then the next person and so forth.  I look forward to getting Organized with everyone!  On this blog, only post comments related to the topics listed above (#1-3).  If you wish to discuss other topics relevant to the website, but other than organizing... please see the Discussion Page and begin communicating and sharing!!!

Be sure to Contact Us and let us know what you think!
10/17/2010 06:10:53 pm

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11/29/2010 09:57:16 am

Such observations are generally followed by a regretful backward glance at the good old days.


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