United, Angry, Voters (U.A.V.)
This subject is for anybody needing to just vent, gripe, complain, (etc.) about being unemployed, underemployed, under-served, (etc.).

Hello Members of this Site,

We are looking for people in the New York City area or people outside of the area with Skype who are willing to potentially share their story of unemployment on camera. These videos are being produced for http://unemployedworkers.org, which was set up by NELP, an independent advocacy organization for the unemployed. The videos - produced by accomplished filmmaker Immy Humes - are meant to give a voice and face to a group that comprises almost 30 million people in the US but seems to be almost invisible. They are also meant to help lobby for another extension of benefits this fall.

We are seeking a diverse group of volunteers to potentially give on-camera interviews; young, old, all colors, classes, and situations. We are looking for people who currently receive unemployment benefits but also for others, who were never eligible, maxed out, denied, discouraged, underemployed.

If you, or anyone you know might like to help us getting the word out by telling their story please email us as soon as possible at unemployedworkers@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Frauke Levin


Obama used the desperation of the Unemployed like a bargaining-chip to give the Rich-Elite their Tax cut for the next 2 years, this time, and did not include the 99ers. However, when it comes to the Blue-Collar-Workers (the True-Fundamentals of the Economy) Obama does NOT help us to attain any of the prosperity that has been robbed, cheated, and stolen from us since the Reagan Trickle-Down Economics cheating-plan, 20 years ago; however, when it comes to the GOP Rich-Elite, Obama doubles-down his efforts to benefit them, with a triple return-profit on investments (a parasitical system of wealth). So, Obama is COOPERATING with the End-Game plans and the Population-Reduction-Plans of the Rich-Elite after 2012; and Obama is only Faking-It for us, while trying to Run-Out the [Clock]; because, after 2012, WWIII and all hell will break-loose, and if we remain as VULNERABLE as we are today, a massive GENOCIDE will occur, and everyone who is dependent upon government benefits will die the horrible death of disease and of starvation, and from violent crimes of desperation. So, if you allow yourself to see the Big-Picture, Obama is selling-us-out, Obama is setting us up for population reduction and running-out-the-clock, and when time runs out, we should all be dead in a short period of time. If you'll look at this with an objective mind, Obama is always dealing from a weak hand, because he gives away his bargaining advantages ahead of time. Then Obama uses this self-created weak bargaining position as an excuse to accept a compromise that is DIS-favorable to the Middle-Class-Blue-Collar Workers. - That is a Sell-Out! - Don't believe this Obama loser's way to govern,... This is a Loser's game for us, and us only!
Just like any other drug-addict, Obama is only feeding the Profit-ADDICTION of the rich elite, and just like any other Drug-ADDICT, they will need Bigger profits to feed their Addiction; and guess what, Obama will have to sell-us-out again, and again, and compromise again. So, when do you begin to resist the robbery for profit Addiction, when do you say you have given enough for nothing, and when do you say NO to the theft of a profit-Addict-?


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